Things to Know if You are Driving in Texas

//Things to Know if You are Driving in Texas

Things to Know if You are Driving in Texas

Texas passed very critical laws in the area of transportation in the year of 2003. It is important that you hire a lawyer whenever you get a ticket so that surcharges by the Department of Public Safety, herein referred to as the State, may be avoided. Many times people simply pay their tickets in order to get things over with. Please be mindful that ?getting things over with? can really cost you in the end. If you go ahead and pay for a ticket where the violation is no insurance you will not only have to pay for the ticket and court fees, but you will have to pay at least $750.00 to the State over a three year period. If you pay a ticket for driving while license invalid instead of having a lawyer fight it for you, then you will be charged $300.00 over a 3 year span.

There has also been a new point system implemented within the State. With the point system the State adds a certain number of points to your record for every traffic infraction you receive. For example, if you are convicted of a moving violation that is 2 points on your driving record. If you are in an accident this adds 3 points to your driving record. If you get 6 points in three years the State will charge you at least $100.00 a year for at least three years (and that is only if you never get another speeding ticket or in an accident). If you are convicted of a DWI you will be charged anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 for one simple conviction. If you fail to pay the State?s surcharges you can kiss your license goodbye. They will suspend your license until the fees are paid in full. Also, if you go to renew your license they will deny you for failure to pay your surcharges. Texas is taking no prisoners with their newly implemented traffic laws. You must handle your tickets and you must make sure they do not go on your record or you are sure to pay for it in the future.

By: Allie Booker
Attorney & Counselor At Law
The Booker Law Firm