DUI/ DWI in Texas

If you are accused of driving drunk or intoxicated in Texas you should consult a lawyer for a few very important reasons. Texas is cracking down on their trafficking laws and putting more officers on the streets than there ever has been before. This means that police are not only going to write more tickets, but they are taking more [...]

Things to Know if You are Driving in Texas

Texas passed very critical laws in the area of transportation in the year of 2003. It is important that you hire a lawyer whenever you get a ticket so that surcharges by the Department of Public Safety, herein referred to as the State, may be avoided. Many times people simply pay their tickets in order to get things over with. [...]

Traffic Ticket Warrants: What do you do if you have one and how to avoid them

How to Take Care of Your Warrant Have you ever been shaken when the police pull up behind you because you know that you have warrants and do not want to go to jail? Have you ever thought of how inconvenient it would be to get pulled over while you are driving with your children and taken to jail over [...]